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The Strength of GAMMONLAB

GAMMONLAB offers a free backgammon engine that was compared against a strongest available commercial Snowie 4 version. Over the course of September, 2003 GAMMONLAB engine was pitted against Snowie 4 when thirty one 3 point matches were played.
The final score was: GAMMONLAB: 17 to Sowie 4: 14. Luck factor was similar for both engines. GAMMONLAB used low parallelism of 2 and default settings. Snowie used default settings.

Comparisons against GNU 13/14 were not performed for the following reasons:
* GNU is declared to be equal to Snowie 4 on GNU site
* GNU is not as widely used by backgammon players as Snowie 4 mainly due to bugs, complexity & usability problems

To experience the real strength of GAMMONLAB -- just use it. Res Ipsa Loquitor -- the thing speaks for itself.

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