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Backgammon Matches and Doubling

Match is a series of games for a previously assigned number of points (stake). Match is won by the player who accumulates the required number of points first.

To set for multi-point match, select a Match tab and use a drop-down list to change a default 1-point match to a multi-pont match (e.g, 3-point match). After that, return to the General tab by clicking on it.

Doubling is enabled if a match involves more than 1 point. Each game starts at one point. During the course of the game, a player may propose doubling of the stakes (points). The player can double only at the start of his/her own turn and before rolling the dice.

At GAMMONLAB doubling is achieved by clicking on the doubling cube in the middle of the board. The color of the doubling cube (red or white) reflects the color of the side that can double.

For example, if White doubled, the yellow prompt will say "Red has to Take or Drop the double offer". At that time, Take and Drop buttons will appear under the dice:

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